Latex Bladders


Piercan USA, Inc. manufactures Natural Rubber latex bladders used in bladder molding for the Carbon Composite industry. Bladder molding is the process of manufacturing a composite part using an inflatable device (latex bladder) inside a female mold to ensure compaction during the cure of the carbon layup resulting in the finished carbon piece. 




  • Up to 500% elongation and 500 psi
  • Reusable up to 7 times
  • Precise dimensional control of carbon fiber
  • Excellent surface finish eliminating second hand finishing


  • Temperature Limit: 300°F - Cure Duration: 30 mins.
  • Size of Mold: Largest dimension cannot be more than 5x smallest dimension
  • 3-5% shrinkage from mold to finished bladder

Mandrel Requirements:

  • Production Molds
    • Aluminum required
  • Prototype Molds
    • Engineering team on-site to assist with design and material approval
    • CAD drawing required 
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