All polymers are available in a one piece glove, 13" glove, and 24" sleeve.

Polymer Reference Guide

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Validated Sterile

Our CSM and Polyurethane/CSM gloves are available Validated Sterile. These certified gloves are clean-room laundered and packaged before being gamma irradiated SAL of 10-6 (26.1 kGy - 50.5 kGy). Each glove is individually bagged and each pair is over-bagged allowing ease of use when only one glove is needed. This sterile option allows peace of mind for any emergency glove change out required without re-sterilizing.

Proof of sterility documentation will accompany each shipment.

Powder Free

For highly critical containment units, we now offer Powder Free gloves. Our High Performance Butyl gloves are available clean-room laundered and packaged within a Class 100 clean-room. These gloves are certified <100ppm for 0.5 micron particles.